It’s A Three-Peat For Kurt Mayhew At The Prairie

Sun Prairie, WI: At an age when most racers have slowed way down or stopped altogether, 59 year old Kurt Mayhew continues to amaze, winning his third straight Illini Racing Series feature event at Sun Prairie’s Angell Park. But this victory was no runaway; not by a long shot!

During a racing career spanning over thirty years, the Roselawn, IN veteran has enjoyed moderate success, always running his own operation on limited funds; one of America’s typical “low-buck racers”. But now, with help from from his highly skilled, volunteer crew, Mayhew is enjoying the kind of season most drivers can only dream of.

In Sunday night’s 20 lap Feature, Mayhew charged from the pole position into an immediate lead. But, upon encountering the tail-end runners, what had appeared to be a runaway victory turned into perhaps the best race of the year at Sun Prairie.

Before Mayhew was able to clear the lapped traffic, an inspired Jason Dull closed in and pounced, snatching the lead at the halfway point. However, on a clear track Mayhew was able to regain lost ground, and powered past his young rival to re-assume a lead he would hold until the end. Unfortunately, Dull’s spectacular drive was spoiled by mechanical trouble, and he was unable to finish.

For the loyal fans of midget racing at Sun Prairie, especially those of us a bit past “middle age”, the performance of Kurt Mayhew this summer has been a real eye-opener. It truly brings new meaning to the old adage, “It’s never too late”!

Illini Racing Series at Angell Park Speedway, August 10, 2008 Results:
Peacock Publishing Qualifying Results: 1. Kurt Mayhew, Roselawn, IN, #21k Mayhew Racing Buick/Buzzard, 17.579; 2. Jason Dull, Machesney Park, IL, #56 JJ Grinding Chevy II/Stealth, 17.853; 3. Joe Knippel, Mokena, IL, INR Beatty Lumber Quad 4/Buzzard #33, 17.894; 4. Dick Kaiser, Milwaukee, WI, #82 Allis Car Care Scream Focus/Buzzard, 18.098; 5. Allen Gillis, Westmont, IL, #39 Task Management Illini Focus/White, 18.153; 6. Aaron Fiscus, Sun Prairie, WI #71, 18.303; 7. Sean Murphy, Evanston, IL, #5 Half-Fast Quad4/Hawk, 18.419; 8. Lamont Critchett, Demotte, IN, #44 Boomba Specialties VW/Stapp, 18.671; 9. Tom Shilkuski, Spring Valley, IL, #23 Ray Shilkuski Illini Focus/Jack Rich, 18.702; 10. Scott Koerner, Joliet, IL, #4 Task Management Sesco/Bishop, 19.151; 11. Eric Nitz, Beloit, WI, #31 Spencer/Knippel Quad 4/Ellis (rookie), 19.172; 12. Eddie Sauer, Davis, IL #11 Beta Gear Service VW/Mongrel, 19.231; 13. Doug Orseske, Frankfort, IL, #0 Orseske Farms Quad 4/Buzzar d, 19.414; 14. Scott Dunning, Bolingbrook, IL, #1 Knippel/Spencer Olds/Hawk, 19.431 (rookie); 15. Loran Critchett, Jr., Alsip, IL #17 Micro Blue Racing, 19.547; 16. Mike Adams, Jr., McFarland, WI, #21A Albert Racing Experience Chevy II/Mishlich, 19.844; 17. Mark Morey, Sugar Grove, IL, #3 Morey Enterprises Illini Focus/White, 19.942; 18. Jeff Steenbergen, Waupun, WI, #62 Pontiac/Beast (rookie), DNQ

Heat #1 (10 laps): 1. Dull, 2. Fiscus, 3. Gillis, 4. Knippel, 5. La. Critchett, 6. Mayhew, 7. Murphy, 8. Kaiser, 9. Shilkuski

Heat #2 (10 laps): 1. Koerner, 2. Adams, 3. Lo. Critchett, 4. Orseske, 5. Nitz, 6. Morey, 7. Dunning, 8. Sauer, 9. Steenbergen (DNS)

ADM Realty Feature Race (20 laps): 1. Mayhew, 2. Gillis, 3. Fiscus, 4. La. Critchett, 5. Koerner, 6. Kaiser, 7. Nitz, 8. Orseske, 9. Lo. Critchett, Jr., 10. Dull, 11. Morey, 12. Knippel, 13. Dunning, 14., Shilkuski, 15. Sauer, 16. Steenbergen, 17. Murphy, 18. Adams, Jr.,

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