Yeley Dominates Silver Crown Race At Chicagoland

7/13/07, Joliet, IL – It was the J.J. Yeley show at Chicagoland Speedway Friday afternoon. Yeley a full-time driver for Joe Gibbs Racing?s NEXTEL Cup team decided to add some part-time work driving A.J. Foyt?s and George Snider?s USAC Silver Crown car. Yeley drove the black and gold ABC Supply/Greer / C&R Chevy #14 to a convincing victory shortly before 7pm. Yeley started on the pole and stayed in front to lead flag-to-flag.

At the start, it was Yeley and teammate Pablo Donoso who made a fine start from fourth position to claim second place on the break. Wayne Reutimann, Jr. followed as the three cars distanced themselves from the rest of the field. By lap 20 Yeley had opened up a four-second lead and Reutimann had passed Donoso for second.

On lap 30 the yellow came out for Paul White who?s #99 Mucci-Matczak Racing Chevy burned up the rear-end. On the restart Yeley continued to lead has Aaron Pierce made his presence felt by jumping into third place. However another yellow on lap 49 came out as Pierce lost an engine, ending his day.

On lap 60 of the 67 lap event (100 miles) Yeley had a comfortable lead as Reutimann had his hands full with a charging Tim Barber. Barber eventually passed Reutimann for second place as Yeley went on to win.

Barber was so hot at the end of the race his car started on fire outside victory lane where cars who finished 1-3 were positioned. Unburned raw fuel had accumulated in the exhaust and caused a minor fire to the sidepod-it was quickly dispatched with help from the pitside fire crew. This was Barber?s career best finish.

It was Yeley?s 13th career win, along with his 13th career pole in the USAC’s Silver Crown Series all on Friday the 13th. “I forgot it was Friday the 13th,” Yeley said. “I called my wife earlier and told her I was running the Silver Crown race and she told me I better be careful and I better not call her back unless I won, so I guess I get to talk to my family again.”

Yeley’s win came in his second start of the season, coming after being sidelined with trouble while leading at Darlington back in May. ?George (Snider) had to talk A.J. (Foyt) into letting me drive the car.? Yeley remarked in victory lane. Apparently Foyt thought Yeley was a bit too hard on the equipment after their Darlington outing.

USAC SILVER CROWN CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES RACE RESULTS (Series presented by K & N Engineering): July 13, 2007

FEATURE: (100 laps) 1. J.J. Yeley, 2. Tim Barber, 3. Wayne Reutimann Jr., 4. Cameron Dodson, 5. P.J. Jones, 6. Bud Kaeding, 7. A.J. Fike, 8. Pablo Donoso, 9. Billy Wease, 10. Mat Neely, 11. Brian Tyler, 12. Aaron Pierce, 13. Jerry Coons Jr., 14. Paul White, 15. Mike Murgoitio. 42:10.713


QUALIFICATIONS: 1. J.J. Yeley, 14, Foyt-30.885; 2. Cameron Dodson, 199, Edwards/RE-30.890; 3. P.J. Jones, 41, Paternoster-31.202; 4. Pablo Donoso, 11, Foyt-31.217; 5. Tim Barber, 28, Pierson-31.496; 6. Wayne Reutimann Jr., 00, Reutimann-31.500; 7. Bud Kaeding, 29, BK-31.776; 8. Jerry Coons Jr., 27, RW-31.937; 9. Billy Wease, 12, Western Speed-31.979; 10. Marc Jessup, 2, Vance-31.981; 11. Mat Neely, 17, RW-32.120; 12. A.J. Fike, 91, Hemelgarn/RFMS-32.254; 13. Paul White, 99, Mucci/Matczak-32.376; 14. Brian Tyler, 21, Team Six-R-32.714; 15. Mike Murgoitio, 19, Team Six-R-33.295; 16. Aaron Pierce, 26, Pierce-NT.

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