Versus vs DirecTV

HAMMOND, IN: Now that DirecTV has dropped Versus from their channel lineup, it’s difficult to understand who’s really the “bad guy” here.

You could blame the Versus network, for apparently demanding an exorbitant amount from DirecTV to carry their programing…or,

You could blame DirecTV for not finding a way to keep Versus on the air, even if it meant charging us a little more. Lord knows they don’t seem to need an excuse to periodically jack up our rates on a regular basis anyway…or,

You could blame the Indy Racing League for making a Deal With the Devil; sighing a contract with a greedy, unstable, second tier network like Versus.

Bottom line: The IRL’s product will now be seen by even a smaller audience that ever before; exactly what the open-wheel racing world doesn’t need in these tough, economic times. How sad.

Maybe someone is trying to tell me to do what I’ve been threatening to do for years: stop waisting time following “big time” motorsports and concentrate on good old, All-American short track racing.

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