Thrilling Changes Promise Excitement And Value At The Milwaukee Mile

Milwaukee, WI – January 13, 2011 – Fans attending the Milwaukee 225 on Father’s Day weekend, June 18-19, 2011, will witness firsthand compelling changes to IndyCar’s oval race format and a greater fan experience at the track.

Qualifying order, restarts, and enhanced sound and video are just a few of the exciting changes announced at the annual “State of IndyCar” presentation, during which IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard and staff shared details planned for the upcoming season.

“We promised fans excitement and value,” says Chris McGrath, the Milwaukee 225’s promoter. “Not only will they see seven races in two days, but mixing up the pit box assignments and the possibility of double-file restarts creates great opportunities for action on the track that just can’t be missed.”

The Milwaukee 225 will also utilize large digital video boards and supplemental sound to deliver more information to fans. “Our fans will have even greater access and information about what’s going on on the track, and we’re happy to offer IndyCar’s upgraded experience, in addition to a great advertising opportunity to our event sponsors.”

IndyCar also announced that it now allows children, age nine and above, in its garage area; previously, minors were only allowed there on non-competition days. “At the Milwaukee 225, we originally dropped our age to 12 and older when we started this, but we’re very pleased IndyCar has given its fans greater access, and we’re updating our ticketing accordingly.”

According to IndyCar, pit box order will not be set by points, but rather by the results of qualifications from the previous oval race, promising diversity and action on pit lane. Double file restarts are also on the slate, with IndyCar to release details in the months ahead.

Other good news includes an initial practice session of 75 minutes on race weekend. The first 45 minutes will be for rookies and drivers outside the top ten in points standings. The rest of the field will join for the remaining 30 minutes.

For additional information about Racefest 2011 or to order tickets, please visit or call 1-800-722-3840.

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