Spanish Grand Prix Preview

Although the Spanish Grand Prix has been held on three circuits in the past, since 1991, it has taken place at the Circuit de Catalunya (above) since 1991. [Photo by]

After the formula one grid completed the three “fly-away” events of the 2014 season, the racing now will shift to Spain for the first race of the European campaign. Normally, most drivers are very familiar with the 4.4 kilometer Circuit de Catalunya just north of Barcelona, mainly because it is normally used for the testing period of the season. However, since the testing has been not used this year at this track, it could be very interesting on how some of the drivers will be familiar with a circuit which is very low down force and simple to maneuver.

So far, Mercedes has dominated the first few races and looks to even push further ahead in Spain. But many other teams, including Red Bull, have put a lot of effort into their programs in the three week break that has occurred and hopes that the grid will tighten a little bit more. For defending race champion Fernando Alonso, it is his homecoming that might be a good excuse to get his season back in order, following just mediocre finishes in the past three races.

His nation has a pretty regular history in hosting this event. Spain began with races at circuits at Jerez, Jarma and Munjiuch Park just north of the city, with its winding streets. But the Circuit de Catalunya has been a regular spot for this race since 1991, and even rumors that have come around stating that this venue could be dropped from the f1 calendar have been eliminated, making it continue year after year.

The track itself has an up and down feature of continuing to change in elevation and turn 10 has a very tight corner that will cause the drivers to slow abruptly. Turns three and eight have to give the car great stability as anything loose could cause trouble. As far as the weather is concerned, it expects to be dry and even after racing in hotter temperatures in the past three events, Spain should be no problem with temperatures that can cool very well for engine and driver, so this weekend expects maybe to be regular, but as in any sporting event, surprises can always occur.

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