Russian GP Preview

For the first time in a few years, another circuit has been included on the Formula One calendar this season, and it takes place in an environment that no one could even think of: Sochi on the Black Sea in Southern Russia. Considering the political fallout of this country, the race will go on this weekend.
The track, which is over three miles long, is a circuit which can only be comparable to the former European Grand Prix circuit in Valencia, Spain. On that track, most of the walls and guardrails are close, like in Montreal or Melbourne. However, there is no real proof because it is a brand new track that still needs to get all the drivers their feet wet. It is a chance for other drivers that are far back on the grid to possibly move up depending on how the setup of the car can be achieved.
The circuit itself though, will be at an average at higher speeds than those street tracks that were mentioned. About 56 percent of the lap of the Russian Grand Prix will be at high throttle, something that cannot compare to tight circuits. A short burst is opened on the throttle, which goes into a right hand curve which speeds up until you reach turn two. This short burst reaches a total time of 14 seconds.
However, the back part of the track, there is a huge curve, which begins at turn 10 and goes until turn 13. There, the speed drops to 50 miles per hour, which could be tricky, but also gives others who judge it well, can get an opportunity to pass.
For a track like this, which is built around the former winter Olympic games park, it makes a challenge for all who are involved in how they will have to deal in setting the car up for a track they do not quite follow until they race on it.
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