Road America ALMS Preview, Kristensen Coming to RA?

The next race for American Lemans Series is at the picturesque Road America circuit. This is shaping up to be one of the best races of the year. Audi’s victory at Mid-Ohio last week broke a string of two consecutive overall wins for Penske Racing and Porsche at Mid-Ohio. Marco Werner and Emanuele Pirro placed third overall last year in the first race for the diesel-powered R10 TDI at Mid-Ohio. Audi’s off-season development certainly gave the big Audis and their drivers an easier time navigating the ups, downs and around at the track. The question will be, can their developments transfer over to the long straights at Road America. My guess is the Audi R10 TDI should have the upper hand there because of the long straights, the torque of their diesel should be a factor.

Then again look out for Acura which has been very strong and giving the Penske Porsche a run for their money. The Patr

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