Review – CAN-AM: The Speed Odyssey

For anyone who is interested in the glory days of North American road
racing, or was lucky enough to have been there to witness it, the new
film, “CAN-AM: The Speed Odyssey” is a must for your video library.

Featuring beautiful, never-before-seen color film, this 90 minute DVD
totally captures the essence of what many believe was the zenith of road
racing on our continent. From 1966 through 1973, the CAN-AM Challenge
Cup series presented the greatest spectacle in free-form road racing
ever seen. Legendary Grand Prix heroes, locked in head-to-head
competition with America’s greatest oval track and road racing drivers,
did battle for eight glorious years at North America’s finest road
courses in factory back equipment. It was like nothing seen before, or

The film project’s first step was a worldwide archive search for
original CAN-AM footage and audio. Filmmaker Robert Nevison comments. “I
wanted to take the audience back to this unique time, as it happened.
The plan was to craft the new film entirely from original CAN-AM archive
color footage. We did discover that some of the original CAN-AM footage
had been lost over the past 40 years. What we did find was exceptional.
The Speed Odyssey archive footage originates from numerous cans of 16mm
film, two inch television broadcast video reels and a select amount of
Super 8mm footage filmed by the CAN-AM teams. Creating the new film was
like assembling a very large mosaic, challenging but really exciting to
see the story unfold.”

Now, all generations can experience this timeless road racing adventure,
narrated by CAN-AM veterans Sam Posey and Jim Hall. It’s truly an
odyssey of pure speed, fierce competition, radical innovations and
ground shaking sounds.

“CAN-AM: The Speed Odyssey”
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Net Price: $34.95

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