Red Bull Launches RB 13 Online

[Photo Courtesy of Red Bull Racing]

[Photo Courtesy of Red Bull Racing]

As Haas F1 launched their car earlier in the morning online, the Red Bull Racing Team did the same later in on Sunday afternoon, as the squad launched their new RB 13 challenger on their Twitter account, as the team played on the name of the new car, “Stroke that rabbit’s foot, grab that four-leaf clover, fling that horseshoe and crank up the Stevie Wonder. The RB 13 is here.”

Considering all these superstitious remarks might have to do with their name of the car for either good or bad luck remains to be certain. But the new 2017 rules might give Red Bull the opportunity to dethrone the AMG Mercedes Petronas team following their three seasons of domination. Current Red Bull pilots Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen both won each a grand prix in Malaysia and Spain, respectively last year, and this makes the team the best talented driver duo so far in the sport.

One standout part of this new car is the nose, which is not dissimilar from last year’s design, but appears to feature a new take on the thumb like tip with an open-air inlet. The rear of the car appears to be tightly shaped around the gearbox and rear suspension, and like most entries in this season’s formula one world championship, features a shark fin.

Red Bull will return for another season a Renault engine, which is now classified as a Tag Heuer, named after one of their sponsors. Total oil, which has left F1 altogether, is replaced on Red Bull by Exxon Mobil, which was sponsoring McLaren last year. The Renault power is estimated as 900 HBP, which to some experts, is overrated and untrue. The deal with Exxon Mobil is the only deal with a formula one team, as the Renault works team uses BP and Castrol for their lubricants.

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