Proto-Auto Commences Lola Testing For 2008 Season

Proto-Auto completed the first Lola Daytona Prototype chassis test for the customer Krohn Racing
this week. Representatives from Proto-Auto, Lola Cars and Krohn Racing conducted initial testing
with a brief and successful shakedown at Road Atlanta. The operation then moved to Savannah for

Proto-Auto, a partnership of Krohn Racing and Lola Cars, is the official constructor of the Lola
chassis. The newly designed chassis, with a CRD-prepared Pontiac engine, performed well at the
Savannah test, completing over 100 laps with one hundred percent reliability during the first day of

TRACY W. KROHN, Krohn Racing Team Owner/No. 75 Driver:
?In Miami, Martin Birrane and I proudly announced this program. Since then, our groups have
worked together, with our suppliers, to produce an excellent vehicle. Martin and I are very grateful
to everybody for the hard work that has gone into this program. Track testing is just another step in
the process of producing a winning car and meeting the expectations of our potential customers.?

MARTIN BIRRANE, Executive Chairman, Lola Group:
?I?ve kept in touch with the progress at the track and am delighted with the updates I?ve been
receiving. I?m sure the Lola will be a fine reward for the outstanding effort that has been made in
producing the car. I?m looking forward to working closely with Tracy Krohn and his team in 2008
and beyond. I anticipate an exciting start for our new partnership at Daytona next month.?

NIC JONSSON, 2008 Krohn Racing No. 76 Driver:
?We shook the car down yesterday for four laps to make sure everything fired up while we were in
Atlanta. Then we loaded her up and came to Savannah and started off this morning. Actually we
haven?t had any problems. We?ve been collecting data and doing laps. I think we have done 109 laps
today, over 200 miles, I believe. That?s pretty good for the very first time a new car hits the track.
We haven?t had any real mechanical issues. We?ve just made small adjustments — things like driver

We?ve been validating the car?s systems successfully. We?re going to try to get some more data
tomorrow and try some things aerodynamically, springs, stuff like that, and see how the car reacts to
different changes.?

RICARDO ZONTA, 2008 Krohn Racing No. 76 Driver:
?It was very nice to drive the new car. Everything went very well today at the test. I think the team
felt very positive. The car is very sensitive and anything we change you can feel. It is a lot easier to
work on the car like this, when you change something and feel the difference.?

DAVID BROWN, Krohn Racing Team Manager and Engineer:
?I think we have made a solid start with the test program. It?s obviously the beginning of our
experience with the car. Between now and the first race we have a lot of work to do, but we?re
enjoying the challenge. We feel we?re up to the task of making a good car.?

ANDREW BURSTON, Lola Lead Design Engineer of the Lola Daytona Prototype:
?The testing has surpassed expectations. Although we have many small things to do, we have not
met with any unexpected items. I am encouraged by the performance of the car and the feedback
from the drivers. The group?s expertise and enthusiasm, I believe, will ensure the success of the

Daytona Test Days will be held at Daytona International Speedway on January 4-6, 2008, with the
46th Annual Rolex 24 At Daytona scheduled for January 26-27, 2008. For more information, please
see, or

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