New Video Series Shines On Zenga Brothers Wacky, Worthy Creations


The Zenga brothers have been designing and building tall bikes for decades now in rural Canada for fun, to travel around the world on and as part of amazing community art projects.

With Bike to Work Week happening this week, what better time to shine a light on their wacky creations and how they can help people take a positive step towards a fun and healthy lifestyle.

Their six-episode series on explores the whole process from the first concept through to sharing their joyful creations with people in rolling workshops.

Will and Benny are the original Zenga brothers, whose playful childhood antics caught on camera blossomed into a fascinating tall bike movement.

All they believe you need to create them yourselves is a wild imagination and a keen sense for reusing materials.

They want tall bikes to encourage people to be creators, not spectators, while expressing joy and love fearlessly.

They are always evolving their designs too, the ability to carry gear for art projects, extreme sport videos or camping the next phase of their design journey.

Will reveals, “We may look foolish, but it feels pretty cool being up there. I love it when you are riding down the street and there is surprise and spontaneous laughter. Why aren’t we trying to do that more in everyday life?”

Benny adds, “They are fun. It is something we discovered through trial and error. The ridiculous nature of it became ridiculously practical.

“It is the most revolutionary vehicle in the world. They are kind of like our horses. We carry everything we need on our tall bikes.”

Find out more about the Zengas and Tall Bikes HERE.


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