Motorsports Veterans Combine To Form “2 Dudes Designs”

New Company Will Offer Affordable Services to Those Wanting to “Spice Up” Image

CONCORD, NC (November 7, 2008) – In the business world, those who work hard and put their heart and soul into a product make a mark and leave a lasting impression. Those core beliefs have once again brought “two dudes” back together to try and continue to make a mark on the motorsports world and give a quality product to those who need a “spiced up” image, both on the web and in the press.

Wanting to continue their service to the motorsports industry and beyond, long-time friends Jeremy Troiano and Dale Averill have reunited to form a new website design/public relations/promotional services business, 2 Dudes Designs.

The team recently completed their first project, the official website of NASCAR’s next rising star, “Sliced Bread” Joey Logano ( Logano will take over the #20 Home Depot Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing in 2009 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

“It just happened by circumstance really,” said Averill, a veteran motorsports designer who has 25-plus years of experience. “Jeremy has been a long-standing friend of mine. I was approached to build a website and immediately called up Jeremy to see if he would be interested in doing it with me. Jeremy has plenty of years under his belt putting together websites and doing a great job at writing content. So we decided to form a new company and see where it leads us.”

Averill began his racing graphics career more than 25 years ago as a teenager. He began hand-lettering race cars that ran at the local tracks around his native Maine. His passion continued when he started his career as a t-shirt designer, which eventually led to an Art Director position. Averill then proceeded to start his own design company, where he did numerous shirt designs for many NASCAR drivers and work for Mario and Michael Andretti. Averill moved to Concord, NC in 2003, where he took a job with a graphics company in the motorsports industry. He then moved to a position with 51 Sports, where Dale was able to use his talents in a variety of avenues; including website design, hero card designs, t-shirts, posters and much more. After leaving 51 Sports in June of 2008, Averill then hooked up with Troiano, and 2 Dudes Designs was formed.

“I just love my new website. It’s sweet,” said Logano, who’s family has been long-time friends with both Troiano and Averill. “Jeremy and Dale are the best at what they do and they are really easy to work with. I wanted a new website and I told them that I wanted them to do it. And what they gave me just blew me away. All of my friends think it’s great and the fan response we’ve gotten has been awesome. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a killer website.”

The “sweet” feelings about Sliced Bread’s website has not only been confined to Logano himself. Several high-profile companies associated with Logano have raved about the look of Joey’s personal site. In fact, ESPN The Magazine recently wrote “”Dude’s personal site is just slightly sweeter than our own” in a recent article about Joey for an upcoming feature story.

Troiano got into the motorsports industry in 1998, when he accepted an intern position with the now-defunct American Speed Association National Touring Series in the public relations department while at Ball State University in Indiana. Troiano then took on a part-time position with the series while he finished school before becoming the series PR Manager after graduation. Troiano moved to North Carolina in 2002 to pursue another opportunity, then was able to form 51 Sports with a couple of friends. Troiano helped grow 51 from a start-up company to one of the most respected businesses in the motorsports world during his tenure there. Troiano left the company in early 2008 to pursue other ventures.

In addition to Logano’s website, 2 Dudes Designs recently built a temporary website for up-and-coming racers Zach and Nick Stroupe ( 2 Dudes will release a full redesigned website early next year after the racing brothers finalize their 2009 racing plans.

“We are big supporters of 2 Dudes Designs and what they have done for us,” said Mike Stroupe, owner of Stroupe Brothers. “We needed something up quick and they were able to do that for us. We have known Jeremy and Dale for a long time and they were the first people we thought to go to when we wanted to put something together for the boys. They do everything they can for us and we can only wait to see what they have in mind for us next year when we get back into racing full-time.”

The company also recently completed a website for Alex Kerslake (, a Legends and Late Model driver from Washington, and is currently working on a website for Short Track Enterprises, a company that specializes in car setup, repair and rebuilding.

“I’m really excited to get back into the website business, and I’ve missed doing something that I really love to do, which is writing,” said Troiano. “I was able to get away for a while after getting burnt out by the business, but getting back into it by doing Joey’s website makes me remember how much fun it is to produce something that so many people enjoy.

“One of our goals with 2 Dudes Designs is to produce quality products at prices people can afford. We are working on a number of packages that will fit those racers out there that don’t have a lot of money to spend on a website, but really want one. We want to be affordable to everyone out there.”

If you are interested in getting involved with 2 Dudes Designs, please visit them at their website, or call 704-726-6849. You can also send an email to

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