MotoGP Kicks Off 2008

This is my first column for Racing Nation and I’d just like to say I’m honored and that it’s a privilege to be here. Normally I do a blog and podcast over at and I couldn’t have been happier when Steve asked me to come over here and do a little MotoGP commentary. If you’re unfamiliar with MotoGP, it is motorcycle road racing?s equivalent of F1. It is a 100% prototype class based on an 800cc engine formula that allows for any engine architecture that remains at or under that displacement limit. Horsepower numbers of 215 are routinely seen as are 205 mph plus straightaway speeds. And unlike certain other racing series, you will actually see PASSING on road courses in MotoGP. MotoGP will visit the USA twice this year, the first being at Laguna Seca in California in July and the second will be the triumphant return of motorcycle racing to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in September. If you have a chance to attend either of these events, I strongly encourage it. You won’t find more exciting live events or friendlier people than at motorcycle road races.

With that said the inaugural round of the 2008 MotoGP Season in the books and it looks as if simultaneously nothing has changed and everything has changed. While the odd, first of its kind night race in Qatar probably won’t serve as an accurate forecast for the rest of the year, some logical inferences may be drawn.

First and foremost, Casey Stoner appeared every bit as dominant as he did last year. Eventually gapping the field by almost 6 seconds, he clearly avoided the issues the other riders on Bridgestone rubber failed to tackle. Also, as we saw in testing, he still seems to be the only rider who can reliably pilot the

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