Mayhew Mania Continues At Sun Prairie

HAMMOND, IN: Roselawn, Indiana’s Kurt Mayhew proved once again that youth is no match for age and treachery, winning his second straight Illini Racing Series feature event at Sun Prairie’s Angell Park Sunday evening.

The 59 year old Mayhew, who has been contesting the midget wars of Sun Prairie for over 30 years, has been on quite a roll lately, also scoring a 10th place finish in the regular Badger midget feature.

In the IRA event, Mayhew, who set a new track record in qualifying, won his heat race, with stock car vet Scott Koerner scoring a surprise victory in the second heat.

In the evenings 20 lap feature, Kurt Mayhew and Jason Dull waged a serious duel for the top spot until Dull began to fade with mechanical woes. Veterans Joe Knippel and Allen Gillis then took up the chase, but Mayhew proved to be unbeatable once again.

The results:

Illini Racing Series at Angell Park Speedway, August 3, 2008 Peacock Publishing Qualifying Results: 1. Kurt Mayhew, Roselawn, IN, #21k Mayhew Racing Buick/Buzzard, 17.124; 2. Jason Dull, Machesney Park, IL, #56 JJ Grinding Chevy II/Stealth, 17.486; 3. Joe Knippel, Mokena, IL, INR Beatty Lumber Quad 4/Buzzard #33, 17.904; 4. Allen Gillis, Westmont, IL, #39 Task Management Illini Focus/White, 18.057; 5. Dick Kaiser, Milwaukee, WI, #82 Allis Car Care Scream Focus/Buzzard, 18.173; 6. Lamont Critchett, Demotte, IN, #44 Boomba Specialties VW/Stapp, 18.364; 7. Sue Spencer, Joliet, IL, #31 Spencer/Knippel Quad 4/Ellis, 18.748; 8. Doug Orseske, Frankfort, IL, #0 Orseske Farms Quad 4/Buzzard, 19.065; 9. Eddie Sauer, Davis, IL #11 Beta Gear Service VW/Mongrel, 19.227; 10. Scott Koerner, Joliet, IL #4 Task Management Sesco/Bishop, 19.239; 11. Loran Critchett, Jr., Alsip, IL #17 Micro Blue Racing, 19.251; 12. Lee Beckwith, Channahon, IL #69 Evolution Motorsports Quad 4/Stewart, 19.260; 13. Mark Morey, Sugar Grove, IL, #3 Morey Enterprises Illini Focus/White, 19.602; 14. Scott Dunning, Bolingbrook, IL, #1 Knippel/Spencer Olds/Hawk, 19.870; 15. Dave Ohlendorf, New Lenox, IL, #2 Ohlendorf Racing Products Focus/Stealth, 20.592; 16. Mike Adams, Jr., Rockdale, WI, #21A Albert Racing Experience Chevy II/Mishlich, DNQ

Heat #1 (10 laps): 1. Mayhew, 2. Knippel, 3. Dull, 4. Gillis, 5. Spencer, 6. Orseske, 7. Kaiser, 8. La. Critchett

Heat #2 (10 laps): 1. Koerner, 2. Dunning, 3. Ohlendorf, 4. Sauer, 5. Beckwith, 6. Lo. Critchett, Jr., 7. Morey, 8. Adams (DNS)

ADM Realty Feature Race (20 laps): 1. Mayhew, 2. Knippel, 3. Gillis, 4. Dull, 5. Sauer, 6. Spencer, 7. Dunning, 8. Lo. Critchett, Jr., 9. Morey, 10. Ohlendorf, 11. Koerner, 12. Beckwith, 13. Orseske, DNS: Kaiser, La. Critchett, Adams, Jr.

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