Italian Grand Prix Preview

Monza is mainly famous for its enthusiastic fans that come to watch the grand prix every year. [Photo by]

With six races left to go in this year’s Formula One World Championship, the final race of the European leg of the season takes place this weekend at one of the most famous, and above all, fastest track of the year, at the Monza Autodrome, just a few miles from Milan, Italy.

The Italian Grand Prix is like the last round in Belgium, a very classic race. It is one of the original F1 races that at one time, closed the season. However, following the last round at Spa, many questions are trying to be answered on whether the Mercedes team are going to battle each other, and maybe get caught in another debacle that happened two weeks ago, when both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg struck each other, knocking the latter out of the race, and causing the German super team to blame one of their countryman, saying he was the cause of all this.

This thought is among many, because the Mercedes team has a car that can and will fit the high speed track of Monza, where three parts of the circuit will be driven flat out, and with both cars being dominate most of the season, only another mistake from the Mercedes duo can cause such drivers as Daniel Ricciardo and perhaps Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, who showed some form in the last race in Belgium, a chance to come up with a victory.

This circuit might be quick, but it has taken such great drivers and their careers, such as Count Wolfgang Von Trips in 1961, Jochen Rindt and Ronnie Peterson in 1970 and 1978, respectively.

This also is the home of the Tifosi, the Ferrari fans who really have not had much to cheer for this season, but might as well hope for the chance to finally do so. The track has the famous Lesmos curve, where one right hander is followed by another. Under the bridge which used to be where the high banking roads were used until Von Trips and his crash scuttled everything about the future of this part of this track. The most important part of this track is the Parobolica, a 360 degree turn which brings you back onto the long straightaway, which recently has been resurfaced where the runoff is now asphalt and not sand, which has not been changed for many years.

So with this weekend coming up, and there is still a lot to race for, as this legendary track has had names like Niki Lauda, Mario Andretti and a young Vettel win races here, and for next year, it could be the last race here as the contract ends at this great venue, so hopefully this weekend’s race will be a good one, with many more that just might be following at this great venue.

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