– A New Way For Drivers To Test

So you need to run some practice laps at Road America in Wisconsin but, there is four inches of snow on the track. Or, you want your rookie driver to get experience on tracks that are not open to practice on. No problem, just use motorsport simulator and you will be getting the practice you need no matter the weather or where you are located in the world.

Not a video game, is a true motorsports simulator. Using advanced technology has replicated over sixty racetracks with pinpoint detail. Laser surveying of the racetracks allow the team to capture every aspect with accuracy down to the millimeter, including all the bumps, patches and dips of the track surface.

Scott McKee, the’s vice president of marketing explained, “When real-world racers sit down and drive our sim, that’s when they really grasp that what we’re offering isn’t a video game, but a valuable tool for any driver who wants to get faster and win more. We provide real seat time and all the benefits that come with it, in a way that is both cost- and time-efficient.”

From stock cars to sports cars to open wheel rides, offers an expanding fleet of racecars. The engineers of have used physics modeling to accurately depict the vehicles movement and reactions to driving and track conditions.

Of the many professional drivers at the Performance Racing Industry show in early December in Orlando FL, Michael McDowell really enjoyed the experience on the simulator. The 2008 Nationwide series driver for Michael Waltrip Racing has was the 2004 Star Mazda series champion and won at Lime Rock Park in that series. Testing the simulator, McDowell commented, “Lime Rock is really good, the downshifts are better when you do a good job of the throttle blip.”

Many drivers from Go Kart racers on up to NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers took turns on the simulators at the PRI show. The simulators were set up with force feedback steering wheels, three pedal controls, a racing seat, big screen monitor and surround sound. The surround sound really came into play when a driver made a mistake. Drivers that pushed their cars a little too far over the rumble strips would find their ride out of control and the loud resulting crash would capture everyone?s attention near the booth.

The state-of-the-art software has been developed by to bring a true simulator to drivers in all forms of racing from NASCAR to club racers. was founded by Dave Kaemmer and John Henry. Henry is the owner of the Boston Red Sox and a co-owner of Roush-Fenway Racing. Kaemmer is a co-founder of Papyrus Racing Games, maker of the original simulation video game Indy 500 and the classic NASCAR Racing series. is poised to become an invaluable asset to any race team. While it may not replace test days at the track, it certainly will be important tool for increasing seat time and a welcome addition to a driver?s busy schedule.

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