Hungarian Grand Prix Preview

The twisty and more than average temperature of the Hungaroring near Budapest, is still one of the old tracks from Eastern Europe that has been in existence since the days of the Iron Bloc time.   [Photo courtesy of]
          It is the final race before the month long summer break, and perhaps the best chance for teams that have not been able to catch up with the fast Mercedes team. But the Hungaroring has been one of the circuits on the formula one calendar that has been around for quite some time now.
          The track was the first circuit that was held in what was known as the “Iron Bloc” back in 1986, and considering it is the only track that is only used three times a year, the Hungaroring is situated on an amusement park area that definitely gets more attention than the track itself.
           But the 2.7 mile short track has only one major straight, and that is at the beginning—with only the rest becoming a combination of tight curves, which could possibly remind you of Monaco, without the tight barriers, but a track which all of the 71 laps can be a great challenge. So it could be a possible battle that might be fairer than before, because the extreme power of both Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton might not have such an advantage over the rest. Red Bull, Williams and Ferrari as well, finally now might have a chance to match the Mercedes lap for lap, and not let the Brackley squad get away on what they do well on— power tracks.
          So this weekend will be the last chance for the fans to come out and see their drivers before most of them and their mechanics go away for at least three weeks and not return again until Spa Franchorchamps in Belgium at the end of next month. Hungary is also known for fans, especially from the eastern part of Europe, mostly Finnish, to travel to this site, which at this time, is the warmest track on the schedule.
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