Historic Road Racing In Milwaukee – The 1912 Vanderbilt Cup, Grand Prize And Related Road Races

The 1912 Vanderbilt Cup held on the streets of semi-rural Milwaukee’s near northside is almost forgotten today. Thanks to John B. Haydon, one can relive that historic race in his informative 28-page booklet. At 7″x 8 1/2″, this booklet is filled with interesting facts and anecdotes of this momentous event.

The Vanderbilt Cup was started to encourage the American automotive industry by 26-year old railroad heir, William K. Vanderbilt Jr. Modeled after European road races, the first Vanderbilt Cup was held on Long Island in 1904. Eventually, six Vanderbilt Cup Races held on Long Island from 1904 to 1910 which were considered to be the greatest sporting events of their day. However, from 1911 to 1916, the Vanderbilt Cup event was moved onto various locations such as Savannah in 1911, Milwaukee in 1912, Santa Monica in 1914 and 1916 and San Francisco in 1915.

At the time, Milwaukee was the 12th largest in population in the country, however third in the percentage of workers involved in industry. The booklet goes into the reasoning the races were awarded to Milwaukee and the extensive planning needed and the preparations made. The booklet gives you a behind the scenes look into Milwaukee and adjacent Wauwatosa where the race was held and life back in 1912.

In addition to the many details, the booklet includes interesting aspects of these races, background on individual drivers who competed such as Ralph DePalma, Barney Oldfield and my favorite, David Bruce-Brown are detailed. Also, numerous tables and pictures are included. This booklet provides a fascinating historical insight into this significant motoring event.

The booklet is being offered for sale by the author at $10 each, plus a mailing charge of $1.25. To obtain copies, send your check to:

John B. Haydon
317 East Acacia Road
Milwaukee, WI 53217-4235

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