Hamilton Takes USGP; Closes In On Second World Title

Lewis Hamilton captured the USGP at the Circuit of the Americas. [Photo courtesy Circuit of the Americas/Keith Rizzo]

AUSTIN, Texas- After having patience at the beginning of the United States Grand Prix Sunday afternoon, Lewis Hamilton edged ever so close to winning his second world drivers’ championship by passing teammate Nico Rosberg on the 24th lap to win his 32nd career race and his tenth of the season. Daniel Ricciardo finished in third.

“This is an incredible place and it gives great support, and thank you to all the fans here.” Said Hamilton. “I have been so fortunate as this has been an incredible team and I have a great opponent and it is great to be out in front.”

The start was clean as Hamilton slotted in behind Rosberg as the German assumed the lead. However, just before the end of the opening lap, Sergio Perez touched the Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen and then smashed into the Sauber of Adrian Sutil, putting both cars out of the race and bringing out the safety car for the next four laps.

When the race was finally on again, both Mercedes cars increased the lead to where both Rosberg and Hamilton had increased their lead to four seconds ahead of Felipe Massa, who was currently third, on lap 11. However, as Rosberg increased his lead by Hamilton by two seconds five laps later, Hamilton began to close up on the German and on the 24 lap, Hamilton dived inside turn 12 and passed Rosberg for good. Rosberg never could close in on the Briton, and with his 32nd victory of his career, Hamilton overtakes Nigel Mansell as the all-time winning British Grand Prix driver.

Massa gained close on Ricciardo, but came up short and finished fourth, while his Williams teammate Valteri Bottas ended up in fifth. Fernando Alonso took sixth, while Sebastian Vettel after starting the race from the pit lane, ended up a deserving seventh. Kevin Magnussen took eighth, while Pastor Maldonado finished in ninth for his first points of the season. Jean-Eric Vergne rounded out the top ten.

For Hamilton, he represents one of the all-time greats of British motor racing now that he has beaten the record of Mansell. However, afterwards in his modesty, he felt honored.

“It is a privilege to be representing my country and braking the record of the all-time winning British driver is quite an honor.”

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