Grand Prix of Singapore Preview

Following the last two rounds of the Formula One World Championship which included power courses in Belgium and Italy, the F1 circus now leaves the European continent for the last time this season, and heads to a race which has only been around for five years: The Grand Prix of Singapore.
This course, which is very different from most of the races on the F1 calendar, comprises of 23 corners, which can probably give anyone a chance for victory. The major strong tracks so far have given Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and series leader Nico Rosberg a chance to run away with finishing many 1-2 races. But this time, the course is placed in the center of town, making it a street race. Not to mention, the race itself is run at night, making it the second race of the season held under the lights (the other being Bahrain).
The course is good for the turbos because it does not force much power due to the extreme turns on the course. However, what it does do is it gives the energy store systems a big workout, due to the many stops and starts on the course. The intense heat of this street circuit could contribute as well since this is the first time that the newer engines are being put to the test. The race being held at night would make many think that the high humidity during the day, is followed by a cooling period at night, which would bring torrential rains during the event. Although it has been really close many times, the last five races have had absolutely no rain.
The real problem to the drivers is the lack of fuel during the race. Because it is a tough event, and many years the safety car has prolonged the race, to where it is very close to its cut off time of two hours, it is sure that fuel consumption will be critical and drivers could experience running out before the conclusion of the race.
However, so far things have been well. For the race fan, this is probably the most exciting place to spend your extra time besides watching the race. Many performers have been on the stage for this weekend event, and the fan base could not be any better here. Singtel, the telephone and communications company of this nation, has sponsored this race to make sure that if anyone who will have the chance to attend this event will all agree that it is a great time to be here and hopefully, this event will stay on the calendar for many years to follow.
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