Got Milka? Alley Cats Pounce on Speedway Rookie

May 9 – Speedway, IN – On the South side of the entrance to Gasoline Alley at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a group of hard-core partiers and Race fanatics known as the “Alley Cats” can be found hanging out in their special “holding pen”. Many of these “cats” have been coming to the Speedway for decades and, several years ago, officials decided to honor their tradition by reserving them a prime location from which they could observe and interact with the race teams.

The Alley Cats act as loud, friendly and unbiased observers of the Indy scene. This year, it appears that they have “adopted” newcomer Milka Duno as their poster child. Any time the Venezuelan rookie passes their location, the Alley Cats pounce! Happily, Ms. Duno takes it all with good humor. In fact, she appears ready to become an honorary Alley Cat!

Wonder if last years Alley Cat poster boy, P.J. Chesson, will be jealous?

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