Force And Hight Join Despain Sept 27th

John Force and Robert Hight – NHRA’s Family Affair
…only on the Dave Despain Show, Sunday, September 27, at 8:30pm ET

Dave Despain Show

Dave Despain Show

Corona, CA (September 22, 2015): It’s hard to imagine that John Force ever takes advice or orders from anybody, especially given his extraordinary success as a race car driver and team owner. Over a 30 plus year career, Force has won 16 national NHRA Funny Car Championships as a driver and added two more, for a total of eighteen as an owner.

But on Dave’s show this Sunday, September 27 at 8:30pm, the drag racing legend opens up to the fact that his son-in-law Robert Hight is a big part of his team’s success. Hight is President of John Force Racing, a multiple Funny Car race winner in his own right and the 2009 NHRA Funny Car National Champion.

By any measure, John Force Racing’s domination of Funny Car drag racing over the last quarter century is almost unparalleled. It is truly at team effort, fielding a three-car Funny Car program headed by Force and Hight, joined by John’s daughter Courtney, while sister Brittany explores new racing territory fronting a Top Fuel Dragster. It is also a state-of-the-art racing conglomerate that can match technology, promotion and marketing with any other race team on the planet.

Dave Despain reveals how John Force is known as wild man and colorful star while Robert Hight is more soft-spoken and reserved, but the two discuss their careers and partnership with each benefiting from the other.

On his first visit out to Sacramento Raceway, Hight says, “As luck would have it, the first nitro cars I ever saw was John Force and Jim Dunn. When I saw those cars, I thought those guys are superheroes, to be able to drive a car that goes that fast… I knew that’s what I wanted to be.”

Force recounts how, after growing up with polio and not being able to walk properly, he wasn’t sure what to do with his life: “My uncle said, ‘You love wearing a helmet. You love the cheer of the crowd. You love being out there and being a star… Get a race car to do the running for you!’ And then there was no looking back. You do it for the cheer of the crowd and that side-by-side, 300-mile-an-hour, rock-and-roll, ground-shaking nitro. It’s unbelievable. We are P. T. Barnum on wheels.”


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