Flights Of Fancy Food Feed Indy 500 Fans

By Allan Brewer

The Indianapolis 500 is the world’s greatest single day sporting event, with an attendance of over 300,000 fans. If Americans like to do any one thing while watching sports it’s “eating and drinking” and the Speedway has just the things you need to accommodate that hunger.

Levy Restaurants, a well-known premium dining company, supplies the food at the concessions and catered suites for IMS. They have unmatched experience in this regard, also serving the Kentucky Derby, PGA golf championships, the Grammies and the US Open tennis tournament. Their presence is notable at the Pagoda Plaza’s Alley Café, the Hulman Terrace Club and the suites along the front straightaway at Indy.

This year’s premium food selections are plentiful: from a carving station with smoked turkey breast and roast beef brisket to the Victory Lap milkshake, they have the dining out covered for the centennial. A special treat is chef Jonathan Williams’ appetizers, like loaded nachos, a twisted hog-dog in a bun, and oven-fired flatbread (the latter available only to the guests of the Human Terrace Club this year).

For those of us with less refined tastebuds, there’s a longtime fan favorite available at Alley Café: the jumbo fried pork tenderloin sandwich, loaded up with bacon, pepper jack cheese and pickled vegetables. Or maybe a juicy, hot bratwurst is more your style, or just a big heaping boat of French fries to satisfy the appetite.

All of this food adds up and Levy estimates that its 200 chefs and 500 servers on Sunday will go through:
• 15,000 friend pork tenderloin sandwiches
• 32,000 hot dogs
• 22,000 hamburgers
• Over 30,000 gallons of soft drinks
• 3000 biscuits (made with the Hulman family’s own Clabber Girl baking powder)

Gentlemen, start your engines! And fans, start walking toward the concession stand!

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