Ferrari Launches F1T Challenger In Italy

Ferrari’s new entry for 2014 involves a sloping nose cone, something that other entries in the Formula One World Championship do not include. Photo courtesy of Ferrari.

MARENELLO, Italy- After suffering a humiliating 2013 season in the hands of Red Bull Racing, the Scuderia Ferrari Team forgot about the Past and launched their F1T challenger online Saturday at their base in Marenello, Italy.

Finishing a disappointing season in second will have Fernando Alonso return for another try, while Felipe Massa’s spot has been taken over from the 2007 World Champion, Finn Kimi Raikkonen, and with the two together for this season, it could go one way or the other in determining how it will go for Ferrari in what Team Manager Stefano Dominicali states could take the team a step forward in comparison to what they have done previously.

“In the last couple of years the changes and investment we have made in Formula One has been very important and significant,” Domenicali said. “Some have been spectacular in terms of names that were in the Formula One world and some others less, but nevertheless the changes were very important.

“Not only the organization of the people, but also investment in the new windtunnel and tools of the simulation that are really important to make sure all the group of engineers can make the difference.”

A lot of other major engineers were consulted on the project, although new technical director James Allison did not have too much influence on it. However, others such as Pat Fry, Fabio Montecchi, Chief Designer Nikolas Tombazis, and the legendary Rory Byrne all contributed.

The new car is about as exciting as the driver lineup with the most interesting feature being the sloping nose cone, which many other teams do not feature. The pull rod front suspension will remain on the car as it has for the last two seasons and Ferrari’s wind tunnel is now at full capacity, enabling them to make quicker adjustments in case of performance problems in they occur.

Ferrari’s launch is the second to be done online, and the Swiss Sauber team, which also includes a Ferrari based engine, will launch on Sunday.

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