Buescher Wins Inaugural ARCA Scott 160 At Road America

Elkhart Lake, WI – Winning a race is not always having the fastest car, it can be putting yourself in the right position. Being in the right position was the key to winning the ARCA Scott 160 at Road America today.

“You don’t always want to be the leader getting the white flag,” said Chris Buescher.

Buescher crossed the line in third when the white flag flew, following leader Chase Elliott and second place Andrew Ranger. One lap later, everything changed.

Elliott took the lead when the green flag flew to start the ARCA Scott 160, but pole sitter Ranger quickly moved past on lap two and led the next fourteen laps. As pitstops were made the lead of the race was exchanged between Ranger, then Dillon, then Elliott and then Dillon again.

With Dillon leading and five laps remaining in the race, the final caution flag flew when AJ Henriksen’s Toyota had an oil leak and started smoking.

Leader Dillon and the rest of the lead lap cars, with the exception of Ranger, all pitted.

The race restarted with three laps to go and series point leader Frank Kimmel at the front of the pack, but technically at the tail end of the lead lap. Ranger, Dillon and Elliott all tried to race past Kimmel on the inside as they reached turn one. Elliott drove into Dillon who spun off into the gravel and also contacted leader Ranger. Ranger and Elliott continued to race with slight damage to each car.

With two laps to go, Ranger had a minimal lead of .165 seconds over Elliott at the line and by the time they reached turn five they were side by side. Ranger had the preferred inside line and pulled back to the lead but Elliott caught up again in turn thirteen. Pulling to the inside at turn fourteen, Elliott took the lead and the two drag raced to the white flag.

Elliott and Ranger continued to race side by side on the final lap till they reached turn five. Diving to the inside, Elliott lost control and spun after using up his brakes. Ranger looked to come into turn five too hot and slipped up high, opening up the door to the lead for Buescher, who slipped underneath and took over first place.

“Everybody got to racing real hard,” explained Buescher. “I was able to get through there without getting involved.”

After the drama in turn five, Buescher pulled away and lead the final distance to the checkers and winning margin of 2.615 seconds.

Ranger was able to continue and finished second, holding off Tom Hessert. Elliott finished fourth with Ryan Blaney and Dillon rounding out the six cars on the lead lap. Dillon was able to get out of the gravel in turn one and finished the final lap in about two and a half minutes.

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