British Grand Prix Preview

The corner of Abbey and the run to Vale is the new start/finish line that has been new for three years at the Silverstone circuit in England.  [Photo by]
The Silverstone circuit in Northampshire, England, is one of the race tracks that have been around since the inaugural race back in 1950. Ever since then, the race has only been diverted to two tracks at Aintree and at Brands Hatch, in the southeastern part of the country.
The start/finish line has always been at the famous Woodcote corner until 2011, when the exit from Abbey to Vale replaced it to the present day. And with Wimbledon tennis on some people’s minds this weekend, the running of the ninth round of the Formula One World Championship at this famous circuit is one others have to think about.
A good many F1 teams have their squads based near the area, among them Marussia, who has their factory just across the street. But this race has not just all of the pomp and circumstance, it has had some rough patches. In 2003, the race was switched from its usual July spot to April, which did not work out at all as most of the car parks were soaked beyond belief after heavy rain showers. The move put the event back to July, and it has never moved since. Another problem that had to be solved was the roads that lead into the circuit. Since the major roadways were small because of the many villages surrounding it, the road department over the last few years have made it more accessible for vehicles to attend the race without having any trouble with traffic tie-ups and impatience, by widening up the roads.
But the 3.6 mile circuit is known for its tremendous power where 60 percent is taken at high speeds. And at this point of the season, Mercedes drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton will be tough to beat as their entries are high on horsepower that could leave many other cars way behind on lap times.
For the new hybrid turbo engines, it will be first time since 1977 where this type of power plant has been put on the track. However, when the turbos were last here they had 3.0 litre engines where this time, they are at 1.6.
Of course, there is always the unpredictable weather here. But if it is nice, we should be in for a good race this weekend.
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