Book Review: “Fearless: Dangerous Days In American Open Wheel Racing”

HAMMOND, IN: Legendary auto racing writer, photographer, “Sprint Car Pictorial” co-producer and all-around fun-guy Gene Crucean has put together an outstanding new book, “Fearless: Dangerous Days in American Open Wheel Racing”….”Photography During the Era”. But, believe me, this new coffee table-sized tome is more than a bunch of photos with captions. Much more!

If your interest in American open wheel racing dates back to the ’50’s and ’60’s as it does for many of us, or if you’re a new fan of the sport hoping to acquire some knowledge of the past, then “Fearless” is just the thing that Santa needs to put under your tree this Holiday season! The amazing black and white images and the insightful captions crafted by Crucean tell the tale of open wheel racing in the bloody days before the sport became “sanitized” with modern safety equipment like roll cages, fuel cells and arm restraints. To put it bluntly, the racing was long on thrills, but short in terms of life expediency.

In part, Gene’s new book is also a tribute to the great photographers of the era whose tireless efforts to “get it just right” went a long way in helping create legions of motorsports fans and followers during this most dangerous time. Without the outstanding work of the dedicated racing photojournalists, many of us would probably have missed out on becoming hooked on the sport we love.

If a picture is truly worth “a thousand words”, “Fearless” is one of auto racing history’s great bargains. Crucean’s inside knowledge of the sport is clearly obvious on every page. Any serious fan of American open wheel needs a copy of “Fearless” in their library. Immediately!

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