Book Review: Did You See That? – Unforgettable Moments in Midwest Open-Wheel Racing

Big Bend, WI (September 27th, 2013) – “Did You See That? – Unforgettable Moments in Midwest Open-Wheel Racing” is a delightful book that’ll make a great holiday present for the sprint car and/or midget racing fan. But then again, any racing fan will love this book too for its incredible images.

The book contains 465 stunning photographs by longtime racing photographers, Allen and Kevin Horcher, Bill Baker, David Hill, Gene Marderness and Mike Campbell. Add the interesting side story and captions by esteemed motorsports journalist, Joyce Standridge and you have a entertaining combination.

The book features photos from 1978 to the present, featuring winged and non-winged sprint cars, USAC Silver Crown cars and midget race cars. How does one organize 465 photos into a book? The book is broken down by track. Chapter one for example is titled “Speed Palaces” featuring Knoxville Raceway and Eldora Speedway including an entertaining page on “allegedly” illegal cars.

There are many action shots, candid driver shots and wild flips some that’ll defiantly get your attention. These are sharp award worthy photos along with Joyce’s sharp and witty comments make a great combination. As the press release stated, “With all photos annotated with insightful and informative captions, as well as thoughtful introductions to each topic, the book captures fully the concurrent joy, energy, color, and heart-ache of one of the truest of American sports.” I agree.

Book is soft-cover, 170 pages. Price: $27.95 ISBN #: 978-0-9857735-2-6

Published and available from which had over 1000 motorsport books, DVDs as well as hundreds of photos and racing commentaries.

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