Badger Announces Manufacturers Champion

Sun Prairie,Wis., May 31—Officials of the Badger Midget Auto Racing Association announced today the series will crown their first ever manufacturers champions in the organizations 71-year history.

A separate point system will be kept to track the top chassis and engine manufacturer in the 24-race series. With the additional of this award Badger becomes the first sanctioning organization in midget racing to crown individual manufacturers champions based on their race results. Since 2001 the National Midget Driver of the Year Championship has crowned the top manufacturer based on race results in all events nationwide.

The top five feature finishers will be awarded points on a scale of 10-7-5-3-2. An additional one point will be earned for all preliminary race wins and fast qualifying honors. The two champions will receive their award at the annual Badger Banquet on Nov. 3 in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Based on results from the first two races Spike (chassis) and Mopar (engine) are the current point leaders.

Chassis: 1. Spike 38; 2. Stealth 24; 3. Buzzard 4.
Engine: 1. Mopar 31; 2. Ford Esslinger 28; 3. Chevrolet 4; 4. Fontana 2; 5. Gaerte 1.

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