An Interview With Daniel Morad


Eddie LePine: Welcome to Raod America, how does it feel to be here?

Daniel Morad: Right now it’s hot, but good I mean, anytime you drive a GT3 car on this track Road America is a really nice feeling. For us so far this weekend it’s been a bit of a challenge because the Mercedes AMG GT3, it’s a great car but, unfortunately, we struggle on straight lines, on the straightaway. So yeah, we’re just a bit down on top end speed and it kind of shows the results right now but driving through the corners, the cars a dream to drive, it’s so well balanced.

Eddie: And this is a new challenge, Daniels been driving a Porsche for Carlos de Quesada for three years and he won the 24-hour Daytona last year with them, got a Rolex and this is like a new challenge brand ambassador for Canada…

Daniel: …and Moradness.

Eddie: Don’t forget the hat. You know what, these hats are just so cool. Let me tell you.

Daniel: the best part… we measure speed in Moradness per hour.

Eddie: They’re awesome. Look at the raised [logo], you know I mean…

Daniel: I’m gonna shamelessly plug it. It’s, you can buy them now. Theres not many of these ones left actually. These are the limited run.

Eddie: So where are you starting for the race?

Daniel: We’re seventh, which is not like terrible, but we’ve had such a good season, seventh does become terrible. Right? So I get to kind of like look at it from a different perspective, right now we have an opportunity to have a good race and we get some good points. We’re still third in the championship for the Sprint. We’ll see, anything can happen, it’s a 50 minute race. It’s a combined race with GTS and GT so you gonna have mixed traffic, it’s gonna be interesting. There’s gonna be a lot to manage the track.

Eddie: So it’s gonna be some traffic.

Daniel: Oh, there’s gonna be at least.. we’ll lap the GTS field twice in the race in fifty minute. So yeah, that’s gonna come into play for sure. So yeah, like I said it’s a long race anything can happen. I’m just looking to stay in it to try to get as many points as I can. And you know as a racing driver you always want to win but you have to understand when you can win and when you need to just get the most out of a weekend. And, and not to say that we can’t win. So anything can happen.

Eddie: And that’s what the listeners, with this racing, it’s not like endurance racing this is sprint racing and you know the old saying you don’t win the race in the first turn? Well it happens here. It’s going to be some exciting racing and watch this kid. He is definitely somebody to watch. Perfect. Thank you. Good luck.

Daniel: Thanks.

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