After A Challenge From WD-40 Company, Kyle Leduc Partners With The Brand

Kyle LeDuc and his truck.

Kyle LeDuc and his truck.


SAN DIEGO – May 1, 2018  WD-40 Company challenged five-time Pro4 off-road racing champion Kyle LeDuc to use a WD-40® Specialist® True Multi-Purpose Grease on his truck’s CV joints, bolts and pivots. If the product didn’t work – causing damage to his truck – WD-40 Company would pay to replace the parts.

LeDuc put the product to the test; it delivered, and a partnership was born. Kyle made the switch from a more expensive competitor’s grease that didn’t hold a candle to the performance of WD-40® Specialist® True Multi-Purpose Grease. The True Multi-Purpose grease is built to work in the most extreme conditions, engineered for lubrication in high-temperature, extreme pressure and is water resistant; so, it’s perfect for extreme racing conditions and any tough job at work or home.

“My trucks are pushed to the limits during races, and if a product doesn’t hold up – if it doesn’t last – it can cause thousands of dollars of damage,” said LeDuc. “My team is very particular about the products we trust, and WD-40 Brand products provide long-term rust protection and lubrication for all racing conditions.”

            “WD-40 Company saw the partnership with LeDuc as a natural fit as he can demonstrate how well the products perform when pushed to the extreme,” said Tim Lesmeister, vice president of marketing for WD-40 Company. “If WD-40 Brand products can withstand the extreme conditions of off-road racing, they can be trusted by auto technicians for their vehicle maintenance.”

            As part of his partnership with WD-40 Company, LeDuc will share how he uses WD-40 Brand products to maintain his racing vehicles, including WD-40® Specialist® True Multi-Purpose Grease, WD-40® Specialist® Spray & Stay Gel, WD-40® Specialist® Non-Aerosol Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser , WD-40® Multi-Use Product Big Blast® and WD-40 EZ-REACH. Visit for store locations.

Watch this video to learn more about the partnership and how LeDuc uses WD-40 Brand products to maintain his trucks. Follow LeDuc on Instagram for the latest racing news and WD-40 Brand uses.


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