A Trip Back In Time At Road America

Dorsey Schroeder was reunited with his Raybestos Trans-Am Mustang at this year’s event.   [Photo Mike McGiill]
ELKHART LAKE, Wis., July 20, 2014  – The HAWK vintage event with Brian Redman concluded today at Road America after three days of fabulous vintage racing action, exhibitions, concours awards and activities for fans. The event has been heralded as one of the largest vintage racing events in the country, and according to famed driver and honorary guest, Dorsey Schroeder, it is “one of the most amazing events of its kind in the world.”


Granted, that is a substantial claim coming from a man who made his mark in Trans-Am competition many moons ago. Schroeder, 61, won the Trans-Am title in 1989 and was an integral part of the series in its final years of relevance. He was reunited with his winning Trans-Am Mustang at this year’s event to pay tribute to the featured marque in celebration of the Mustang’s 50th anniversary while rekindling old memories for both him and competitors. “I think I won 10 Trans-Am races in this car, so it’s pretty cool,” said the champion-turned-broadcaster. “This weekend is the perfect combination of a revered circuit, a gorgeous backdrop with the village of Elkhart Lake for the Friday and Saturday Nationwide Insurance Concourse d’Elegance, the beautiful mid-summer Wisconsin weather and a huge amount of cars.”


As Schroeder stated, the cars, mostly driven by gentlemen drivers who are undeniably passionate about their sport – were the main attraction. Of 420 entrants, several were Mustangs. And unlike other events where spectators might be separated from stars who take the stage, crowds of car lovers milled through the paddock area, telling stories with owners and drivers and swapping insight with other enthusiasts. In all, another fabulous weekend of vintage racing is in the books at Road America and the results for the Sunday races are as follows:


Group 2 – Vintage Production Cars, Sedans, Select Sports Racers (Through 1972)

Norbert Bries, Lake Bluff, Ill., ’70 Lotus

Brian Davis, Mequon, Wis., ’61 Elvira Courier

Denny Wilson, Washington, Mo., ’62 Lotus


Group 8 – Historic Medium Displacement Production Cars & Sedans

George Biskup, Scottsdale, Ariz., Ford Mustang

Frank Beck, Scottsdale, Ariz., ’72 Porsche 914

Todd Treffert, Sarasota, Fla., ’73 Porsche 911


Group 5 – Historic Formula / Sports Racing, F 70, F 5000, FIA Prototypes, post 1974 Can-Am

Jeff Miller, Elkhart Lake, Wis., ’77 Lola

Alexander MacAllister, Indianapolis, ’71 Chevron

Joe Hish, Hodgkins, Ill., ’75 Chevron


Group 12 – Pre-War

August Grasis, Weatherby Lake, N.C., ’53 Allard

Rex Barrett, Roselle, Ill., ’33 Ford Indy Special

Marvin Primack, Wilmette, Ill., ’49 Lester MG


Group 1 – Historic Can-Am

Chris MacAllister, Indianapolis, ’71 McLaren

Toby Bean, Lafayette, La., ’69 Lola

Rick Knoop, Laguna Beach, Calif., ’72 McLaren


Group 7 – 50th Anniversary of Ford Mustang Feature Race

Cliff Ebben, Appleton, Wis., ’10 Ford Mustang

Colin Comer, Milwaukee, Wis., ’95 Ford Mustang

Denny Lamers, Appleton, Wis., ’10 Ford Mustang


Group 11 – Masters Historic Grand Prix

Doc Bundy, Austin, Texas, ’78 Lotus

Chris Locke, San Anselmo, Calif., ’76 Lotus

Robert Blain, Janesville, Wisc., ’75 March


Group 10 – Modern GT, Trans-Am, Production Cars (1973 through present)

Randy Rupp, Eden Wisc., ’94 Ford Mustang

Richard Howe, Rutland Vt., ’89 Ford Mustang

Rick Pfrang, Menasha, Wisc., ’90 Chevrolet Camaro


Formula 5000

Tom Malloy, Corona, Calif., ’75 AAR Eagle

Mark Harmer, Bloomfield, Mich., ’69 DS5

Stewart Lush, Auckland, New Zealand, ’73 MCRAE GM-1


Group 3 – Vintage Sports Racing Cars (through 1960) Production cars (through 1964) on approved tires

Bryon DeFoor, Ooltewah, Tenn., ’70 Lola

John Weinberger, Naperville, Ill., ’65 Lotus

Joe Hish, Hodqkins, Ill., ’69 Chevron


Group 6 – Big-Bore Production Cars / Sedans (through 1975) on approved tires

Jody O’Donnell, Carrollton, Texas, ’69 Chevrolet Corvette

Chris Hines, Scottsdale, Ariz., ’65 Chevrolet Corvette

Mike Donohue, Norman, Okla., ’63 Chevrolet Corvette


Group 4 – Classic Monoposto Formula Cars through 1972 with treaded tires

Richard Balsey, Naples, Fla., ’69 Brabam

Bruce Hamilton, Monkton, Md., ’70

Jeffress Hailand, Clayton, Mo., ’71 Lotus


Group 9 – Modern Formula One, Indy Cars, WSP/GTP/LMP

Brian French, Sheboygan, Wis., ’97 Benetton

Henk de Boer, Torrance, Calif., ’07 Panoz

Theo Bean, Lafayette, La., ’90 Intrepid-Chevy GTP

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