A Star of Tomorrow? It’s Hayden Swank!

HAMMOND, IN: With the world economy still struggling to recover, it often seems difficult to see very far into the future. However, in Woodstock, GA, the future of motorsports may not be so tough to find. Meet Hayden Swank!

Young Mr. Swank, who won’t turn nine years old until July 22, already appears to have the right stuff. Last year, Hayden enjoyed a rookie season in the quarter midgets that even his personal hero, Jimmie Johnson, would envy. Although running only a partial season, Swank’s results clearly indicate championship potential.

With the 2010 racing season just around the corner, the Swank Racing Team is planing a full-blown attack on the season championship. Sponsorship opportunities are available for anyone who would like to be involved in making a future champion’s dreams come true.

Remember: even Jimmie Johnson won’t be around forever!

Background Info

Driver – Hayden Swank

Birthdate – 7/22/01

Born – Fayetteville, NC

Hometown – Woodstock, GA

Hayden has known every NASCAR driver, their number, their team, and the make of car that they drive since he was 3 years old.

Hayden’s favorite driver has always been Jimmie Johnson.

June 2005 Hayden meets Jimmie Johnson when his family was going to a hotel in Detroit and Jimmie happened to be signing autographs just at the moment they walked in. This cements in his mind that he will be a race car driver.

July 2005 Hayden’s family relocates to the Atlanta area.

2006 Hayden and his family become aware of quarter midget racing in Cumming, GA.

They spend several years going to quarter midget races but could not get started because of the cost and lack of knowledge..

Feb. 2009, Hayden’s family purchases 10 year old Nervo Coggins 1900 race car although nobody in the family has any mechanical aptitude or knowledge.

March 2009 Hayden tries out his “Race Ready” quarter midget car and promptly t-bones the wall at full throttle. It turns out that the “Race Ready” car’s brakes did not work.

The car sits in the garage for 2 months because Hayden’s father does not know how to fix it.

March 2009 Hayden’s father has a chance meeting with Leroy Goodwin at the middle school that he teaches at. It turns out that Leroy used to be involved in racing. Leroy agrees to take a look at Hayden’s car.

Leroy has his own garage and tools and begins repairing the damage and making needed improvements. After about the third visit Leroy starts asking when “our” first race is and the Swank Racing team was born.

After several practice sessions to get Hayden used to the car and get the car setup dialed in, Hayden joined the NGQMA season at about the halfway point.

2009 Race Season

July 11th(has to start each race in the back on first day)
Won morning heat race

Won A Main after nearly going a lap down. Maneuvered through traffic and defeated a driver who had won several events already this year.

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