19th Annual Harry A. Miller Club Vintage Indy Car Meet Pleases Vintage Indy Car Fans

The “Millers at Milwaukee” vintage Indy Car Meet presented by the Harry A. Miller Club (HMC) has been traditionally held on the weekend after the fourth of July or as in this year’s case, the first full week in July (July 12th & 13th). The HMC Club has enjoyed an incredible run of great weather, which gladly continued this year. Surprisingly, over the last 19 years, the club has only lost an hour of track time due to precipitation.

What is the Harry A. Miller Club? The Harry A. Miller Club was formed by David Uihlein, Sr., Chuck Davis and Bob Sutherland to celebrate the genius of Harry Artemus Miller, a Menomonie, WI native. It was these magnificent Miller-built race cars and race engines that dominated the Indianapolis 500 and board tracks across America in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Miller’s craftsmanship and ingenuity produced an amazing lineage of 39 Indianapolis 500-winning race cars.

On the grounds of Wisconsin State Fair Park at the historic Milwaukee Mile track, fifty historic front-engine open wheel race cars were assembled in the paddock which many thought may have been one of the finest groups collected for this event. Additionally, many other classic vehicles such as sprint cars, classic street cars and hot rods were on display in the paddock along with vendors selling unique items usually only seen at this unique event.

Once again the sounds of Millers and Offenhausers in four, eight and 16-cylinders among others were heard circulating around the venerable one-mile oval.

A fine group of Indianapolis “roadsters” were present, including Bill Akin (1959 Epperly-Offy Bowes Seal Fast Spl.), Dan Davis (1963 Watson-Offy Konstant Hot Spl.), Joe Freeman (1960 Watson-Offy Joe Hunt Magneto Spl.), Tom Malloy (1958 Watson-Offy McNamara Spl.), Phil Reilly (1960 Epperly-Offy Bowes Seal Fast Spl.) and Dave Schleppi (1961 Chenoweth-Chevy San Diego Steel Spl.). The roadster contingent was rounded out by Lou Burmeister, Dr. Robert Dicks, Dick Dittman, John Hobel, and Bud Taylor and their vibrant tribute cars.

Of course the “Millers at Milwaukee” Meet has to have Miller race cars present. Dan Davis brought a trio of fine Millers, the 1920 Miller TNT, 1923 Miller 122 (Junior 8) and the 1923 Miller 122 (Count Zborbowski GP car). Also present were Tom Barbour’s 1926 Miller 91 (Perfect Circle), Terry Castle’s blue 1920 Miller-Durant, Ted Davis’ 1933 Miller and Sam Mann’s 1926 Miller 91 Rear-Drive. Dana Mecum brought three Millers, his 1923 Miller (Tommy Milton Car), 1931 grey Miller V-16 and 1935 red and white Miller-Ford, additionally, Tom Malloy’s 1935 Miller-Ford were one of many to make their way on the much-loved oval for some quality track time. One car that drew a lot of attention was William Miller and 1938 Miller. This four-wheel-drive Indianapolis race car has an extensive Indianapolis record. It raced with a Miller 8-cylinder engine from 1938 through 1941. After WWII, it raced in 1946-1947 with a 4-cylinder Offenhauser engine. The car has been basically untouched for the last 50-years.

The Club would like to thank, Eric Anderson, Mike Bauman, Ted Davis, Eldon Eby, Toney Edwards, Mark Heathman, Bill Hoff, Dennis Holloway, Charles Lawrence, Sam Mann, Lou Natenshon, Greg Ornazian, Phil Phinney, Carl Schultz, and George Watson for their exceptional entries.

Not only are there nice race cars in the pit and paddock, but one of the surprises of the Miller Meet are the fine classic automobiles that are brought to the event. Many street rods, fine muscle cars and even a rare Cord and Jaguar were present which make a fine impromptu concours.

This event would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. The Club would like to thank, Associate Sponsors Phil Reilly and Company, Racemaker Press (Joe Freeman) Dana and Patti Mecum and Corporate Sponsor Ed Pink Racing Engines (Tom Malloy).

Thanks to Dick Billings, Joe Freeman & Tom Saal (Racemaker Press), Jim Himmelsbach, Ken Walton and Gordon White for bringing their specialty historic auto racing memorabilia and wares to the vending area.

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