100 Points Returned To Robby Gordon

The National Stock Car Racing Commission decided to give back 100 driver and owner points to driver Robby Gordon and his team after hearing their appeal today. The Commission noted that the facts presented during the hearing represented an extraordinary and unusual set of circumstances.

Before qualifying for the 2008 Daytona 500, technical inspectors found the #7 Sprint Cup racecar had a front bumper cover that was not approved for competition. NASCAR had originally assessed penalties of loss of 100 Car Owner Points for owner and loss of 100 Driver Points for car owner/driver Robby Gordon. Additionally the team was fined $100,000 and crew chief Frank Kerr was suspended for six races and placed on probation.

Robby Gordon Motorsports argued that the bumper cover was installed as delivered from the manufacturer, that it did not provide a competition advantage since it was discovered prior to being allowed on the racetrack, and that the bumper met the templates.

The results of the appeal were not all good news, as the fine was increased to $150,000. Frank Kerr will remain on probation, but his suspension has been lifted.

In a statement released by Robby Gordon Motorsports, Gordon said, ?We see this as good news. We are grateful the commissioners rescinded the points penalty and suspension but disappointed by the fine. Still, we see this as a victory for Robby Gordon Motorsports. We feel like justice was done and appreciate NASCAR creating a system that allowed us to take our appeal to the National Stock Car Racing Commission. Now we plan to put this issue behind us and concentrate on making the ?Chase? in 2008 as well as getting the Jim Beam Dodge into victory lane. I want to thank the thousands of fans and our sponsors who have supported us through this episode and want everyone of you to know how much we appreciate all that you have done. Our goal is to be a model team in the future and never go through something like this again.?

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